Lularoe Leggings Review

The first time I saw LulaRoe leggings for sale I thought, there is no way I would spend $25 on a pair of leggings. They are just legging right?  Well, I got to thinking about how many different types of leggings/jeggings I currently have.  To name a few, I have a black pair of dressy pant/leggings, a white pair of jeggings, grey capri leggings, and a few pair of cuddle duds I wear like long johns.  And  they feel differently and they are all made of different material blends.  So I decided to give them a try, purely for research of course. Eh hem.


LuLaRoe Marketing

LuLaRoe claims to be a multi-level marketing company. I tend to be cautious of products from MLM companies. This is primarily because many of the companies don’t stand behind their products and consultants when things go wrong.  Also, many distributors pay high fees and end up buying product they cannot sale.  This is of a particular concern to me with LuLaRoe because they send random products to their distributors and expect them to sale whatever is sent their way, but more on that later.  I have also been invited to more Mary Kay parties then I care to mention in the past because I knew someone who was selling the makeup and they wanted me to sale it or buy from them.  It can hurt friendships when someone is always trying to sell you something. However, this isn’t the case with my LuLaRoe distributor. She is a friend of a friend who has a separate facebook group for her sales.  This is great because it can easily be muted when you get tired of hearing about ‘pop up’ parties.

Pop Up Parties

You make the purchases through pop up parties. These can be online parties, or hosted at a friend’s house. A challenge I immediately found when ordering from an online party is that the pictures are not stock photos from the company.  The distributor takes photos of the product they receive.  At times, this can mean it is difficult to see what color the product really is.

In contrast to many of the MLM makeup companies, you cannot simply place an order for something you like with LuLaRoe.  As mentioned earlier, the distributor is sent products at random.  The business plan seems to be based on impulse buying around limited quantity items. So if you really need a red or brown pair of leggings (which is what I want right now), good luck.  You can wait it out, or go to your local boutique and buy a pair.  The one close to where I live sells fleece lined one size leggings for just under $10, that is less then half the price.  And I can purchase whatever color I want!  I have wanted to try the Amelia dress, but have never caught a print I like in my size. And if you order the wrong size, you cannot simply exchange for the same print in a different size.  They uniqueness of the LuLuRoe prints is appealing to many of the people who have become big fans.

The Leggings

So what did I think about my first pair of LuLaRoe leggings? I like them.  I ordered one pair for myself and one of the kids pair for my little girl.  The distributor was nice enough to throw in an extra pair for free.  At a two for one deal, they are much more affordable. At first I thought, there is no way these will stretch to be long enough. However, they fit just right.  I am particularly excited about the ‘one size’ aspect of them.  We are considering having more kids and these should stretch through the first part of a pregnancy.  The other leggings I currently have do not have that kind of stretch.  They also are a good thickness.  They cover well and are super soft.  There is a super small hole in the crotch of one pair.  Given I only wear the leggings with long tunics and dresses, I don’t think this will be a problem. I just hope it doesn’t grow over time or in the wash.

Here is the big question, will I ever buy LuLaRoe leggings again? Maybe, if they have a color or design I like. I do my best to avoid impulse buys, which is a lot of what the pop up parties are.   For now, I am about to go to the local boutique and get a red pair of leggings that matches my Christmas scarf.  Because I don’t really buy clothes very often, it may be a very long time before I buy anything else from LuLaRoe. My distributor is super nice, and mailed the packages almost immediately after I paid my invoice.  She even threw in the extra pair, a little holiday bag, and a coupon for $10 off of my next purchase.  If I buy more, I will buy from her.  And maybe someday there will be an Amelia dress in a print/size combination that I like.

If you are looking for someone to buy from, check out the LuLaRoe Sarah Lang VIP Group on facebook. (She didn’t ask for my endorsement, I was just happy working with her).

Let me know your experience with LaLaRoe in the comments below.

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